All you need is that one person to help guide you on your “Journey”

Ms. Gisela D. Belinfante, MHRM

My passion has always been to assist in any way I can as my mantra in life says, there is always that one person that you meet that will help you along your journey. As a career coach, using real life experiences such as failures, disappointments, and accomplishments has allowed me to overcome circumstances that have helped with my success. 

Working in the corporate world, single mother, all while obtaining a graduate degree has made me a stronger woman and professional that embraces and welcomes change. 

Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

I keep applying and have not received any communication, why?
I interviewed why I have not heard back from a recruiter?
I was told I was overqualified after interviewing, why?
What could I have done differently?

I have been customizing resumes for over ten years with an extensive background in 3 different industries: Hospitality, Health Care, and Customer Service. As a Recruiter, I emphasize the importance in relationship building which has given me the opportunity to provide insight into what leaders and recruiters are seeking in a candidate.

There are many resume writing companies that assign your resume to a writer who inputs information that does not describe you. The concerns leave you confused about representing yourself in an interview. My goal is to provide YOU with a personable experience, discussing your resume in detail and capturing your story. In your session, we will talk about your goals and how you can reach them – I will show you how but remember no pressure.”